Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Meeting Auntie Shaila And Baby Zianna

After a week of talking on the phone and exchanging text messages, we finally got a chance to meet Shaila and baby Z for the first time. Thanks Dana for introducing us to each other! It's great to meet more moms in our area.

After our play date with Shaila and baby Z, we rushed home for our our Artist Group (minus Anne, plus Nat) Knit & Bitch night where Nuala teaches us how to knit. She definitely makes it look so easy... the rest of us don't make knitting look like a relaxing activity. Some of us look quite intense!

We ordered pizza, and since it was a cold night... I had the fire on and made some tea for the ladies.

Sean was a bit surprised to come home and see that all I have is a small rectangular piece... I think he expected that I'd have made a scarf or hat or something like that.

I am so glad that my relationship with my girlfriends sans children had not changed, even though the logistics of getting together may be different than before Maddi came along. Although I wasn't too worried about it, it was definitely something that has crossed my mind. Although I seem to hang out with guys more in my high school and university days, I definitely treasure the women in my life and have learned to appreciate the relationship I have with them, regardless of age, race or where and how I met them.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Rearranging Da-da's Face

Today, we went to the parent/infant drop-in. Didn't really do much else other than that.

In this photo, Maddi is attempting to rearrange Sean's face while she hangs out with da-da after dinner.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Testing Out The Crib

Today, we had a busy day. I had my chiro appointment in the morning, then went to Metrotown after to return some stuff from holiday shopping. Then, we took a drive out to visit Sue, and have a play date with Ethan and Hayley. It was a great bonus that I got fed lunch, as well as some Filipino treats that Roland's parents brought back from their recent trip to the Philippines.

When we got home, it was time for Maddi's nap. Since she's growing so much and I'm not sure how much longer she can sleep in her bassinet, I decided to have her nap in her crib. I've tried to do this before, but she only lasted five minutes. Today, she actually slept in her crib for a full nap! Doesn't she look cozy in her sleep sack? Thanks grandpa and nana - the sleep sack keeps Maddi warm and mama loves the colour and design on it!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Silly Auntie Vianne

Today, Maddi and I just stayed home. Then in the late afternoon, Auntie Vianne came for a visit with Auntie Anne and finally got a chance to meet Maddi! She's so silly, isn't she?!

Anne and I made an appointment with our esthetician extraordinaire Jen for tonight and finally got some much needed grooming and pampering time in!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Night Out With The Ladies!

While Jason was away on a business trip, we planned for a girls' night out... Maddi included!

This photo was taken at Tropika on Robson, where we had dinner.

I thought that nursing Maddi right after we ordered would be a good idea; then we can hopefully just leave her to play in her car seat and I could enjoy dinner with the ladies when the food comes... not realizing the food would come so soon!

I had just gotten ready to nurse when a waiter came with our first couple of dishes. He was surprised to find me getting ready to nurse and quickly put the food on the table and walked away. The second waiter that came, however, was pervy according to Nat and Amy... not even looking at where he's putting the dishes he brought but totally staring at me!

So, I checked out the bathroom to see if it's clean and would be an ok spot to nurse Maddi. It was, and the staff were helpful enough to give me a chair to nurse Maddi in. They also told me it's ok if I use the only guest bathroom for a while, as they can direct other guests to the staff bathroom.

I must say, that even though not all places in the city are equipped with proper facilities to nurse and change a baby's diaper, most are very accommodating to help give you the privacy a mom needs as well as a make-shift area to change a baby's diaper.

After dinner, we stopped at Blenz for hot chocolates... and they use BELGIAN chocolates in their hot cocoas! Yumm!

Maddi was a bit fussy at dinner, but napped the rest of the night out.

Friday, January 13, 2012

A Play Date With Baby Natascha

This morning, I messaged Crystal to see if she and Baby Natascha would like to come over for lunch. I told her Anne and I made curry last night... or I also have stuff for congee. Crystal got excited over congee, so that's what I served for lunch.

When they arrived, Baby N was sleeping - as usual! I have not seen her awake yet! Halfway through lunch however, she did wake up and I got to see her beautiful greyish blue peepers!

Maddi had a hard time napping today... only sleeping for 20-30 minute stretches. She finally fell asleep again at 4.30pm and finally slept for over an hour!

Sean's mom came for a visit around 6pm and joined us for dinner... then it was bedtime.

We spent the whole day at home today... some days, I don't mind.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Another Visit From Alicia

Alicia is my most amazing Hypnobabies doula - thank you, Crystal for recommending her to us. I will never forgot how she was there for me; such a wonderful memory and experience! And I am glad to be able to keep in touch.

A couple of days ago, I messaged Alicia to let her know I have pictures to give her and wondered if she can come by for a visit or if I should mail it out. She decided to come for a visit and see how Maddi has grown.

We love it when you visit, Alicia! We hope to see you again soon!

Later that night, since Henry was away on a work trip... Anne came over to hang out with us. We went to Yoko Yaya to see if they have any more knitting needles for our knitting night next week, then to T&T to shop for ingredients to cook dinner with. On tonight's menu - yellow chicken curry and green tofu curry.

I always get excited going to T&T, I feel like a kid in a candy store... I want EVERYTHING! Since we can only get as much as what the undercarriage of Maddi's stroller can hold, other than what we need tonight, I only got a couple other stuff to have congee with. I'm excited!